Anti-Bacterial Cream Colognia 75ML

Face Care

Uber peel Of Mask, has improved privately by Uber Laboratories , helps to clean of happened oil buds ,leakage ( has happened by make-up and etc ) roughnesses ( has happened by skin dry ) on the skin surface via containing
cleaning agent inside the formulation .Apply enough quantitiy of product with hand or help of spatula to the face surface and wait 30 minutes then take it out from the face as one part. Before Application, should clean the face by Uber Cleanser Milk and after application reccomend to use Uber Anti-Aeging cream enable to regulate moisture balance and support to renew of the skin surface.Enough to use two times a week

Face Cleansing Milk 100ML

24 / Stand Box

​For Man &

For Woman

It contains special formula and moisturize your skin with Calendula Oil. On the other hand it contains titanium dioxide and concealers and skin roughness helps to close. Block the skin from damaging sun rays.

 It is effective, fast and gentle on the skin, and perfect for cleansing, softening and soothing the skin. UBeR Cleansing Milk formula is enriched with vitamines and has a calming effect on the skin

36 / Stand Box​​

Hand Cream Mini

Uber Make Up Fixer Spray Fixes make up to avoid stains on clothes and any deterioration of the make up from smudging due to sweat etc. Allows the make up to remain unchanged all day long.Great alternative to setting powder

Uber Institute has improved skin care cream with olive oil which it make earned the dropped moisturize of the skin
again. Keep softly applyed area daily. Recomend to use a time daily.

Peel Of Mask 100ML

Hand & Foot Peeling 150ML

Uber Hand & Foot Peeling, Contains fruit extracts,maritime salt and minerals designated to scrub gently the dead skin of hands & foots giving them healthy and smooth look. Apply a little quantity of product on desired areaand massage 2-4 minutes untill absorbation by the skin . Rinse with tepid water and dry with towel. Do not apply if the skin present lesions, burns or any skin disease.

20 / Stand Box

Make Up Fixer 100ML

Olive Oil Hand Cream 100ML

Intensive Moisturizer Cream 100ML

Via special formulation and contains vitamines and extractsmoisturizes the applicated area daily.Prevents damages at very dryed skins which has happened by dry in summer and winter. Enough quantitiy of product apply to skin surface and massage with your hand , reccomend to use 1 time dail

Contains fruit extract , maritime salt and minerals designated to scrub gently the dead skin. Helps cleanse skin and removes impurities, dead skin cells and helps stimulate the cellular renewal process of the face skin.

Cream Perfume Mini 35ML

Face Peeling 150ML

If you are looking for a cream that always makes you look younger and gorgeous, try UBeR Anti-Ageing Cream. It helps reduce wrinkles, lightens dark spots and improves your skin tone. Its formula enhances the growth of new skin cells and eliminates dead cells. This cream contains essential vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin and repair damaged skin cells. It works magically on your skin to offer you flawless and even-toned skin.

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Anti-Ageing Cream 100ML

Calendula Face Cream 100ML

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