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SYNOCROM® is a highly-purified hyaluronic acid produced by bio-fermentation. It is almost identical with the body’s own hyaluronic acid. SYNOCROM® does not contain preservatives, is exceptionally well tolerated and available in the following types:

SYNOCROM® :A wide range of viscosupplementation therapy options

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non-stabilized HA

Viscosupplementation involves the intra-articular administration of hyaluronic acid preparations. Dr Antje Schebesta: "The primary treatment objectives are pain relief and improved mobility as the result of increased viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid. The shock-absorbing effect of the hyaluronic acid brings about marked pain relief and improves joint function. In many cases, disease progression can be slowed down."

For hyaluronic acid therapy, Croma offers a range of products suitable in particular for knee and hip joints, but also for smaller joints, with the main differences consisting in dosage and the frequency of treatment. Dr Antje Schebesta: "Today there are various viscosupplements available to us, depending on the type and severity of the symptoms. These products are exceptionally well tolerated by the body and provide patients with a significant and sustainable improvement in their quality of live. Their efficacy has been proven in many studies."

Creation of a three-dimensional network
Increased stability of HA

Slower degradation process

Increase of the duration of HA in the joint
Increase of the viscosity of HA


With SYNOCROM® FORTE ONE CROMA has developed an innovative one-shot product for viscosupplementation therapy of the knee joint. SYNOCROM® FORTE ONE offers a significantly faster onset of action, less risk of infection by a higher concentration and a long duration of action with only one injection – for the individual therapy for osteoarthritis.

Patented Crosslinking (2)

stabilized HA

For all synovial joints
1% hyaluronic acid, bio-fermentative origin
Lasting therapeutic effect
Contents: 2 ml

For all synovial joints
2% hyaluronic acid, bio-fermentative origin
Rapid onset of action
Significant reduction in pain
Pain relief up to 6 months
2.1 million daltons
Contents: 4 ml capacity

Patented cross-linking (1)